About me

 Hello Friends, onlinebihar YouTube channel and web portal www.educationtak.com/ is the name of a non-government mission. This portal or channel has no connection with the government. It is our endeavor to make information about government schemes accessible to the people and in today’s digital age, by providing technical knowledge to the people for free, we should play our era in the creation of a progressive and advanced society. I am from prince giri, Bihar. I started a mission free technical knowledge and mission awareness campaign through YouTube Bihar service on 2018. A simple rural youth has started to imbibe the importance of social concern. On the path of service, there was a desire, there were fantasies – to do something on a wider scale in social interest, state interest, country interest, world interest, but started from the state level due to limited resources … Started a mission to bring smiles to withering faces Did., Connected people with technical knowledge, made every effort to take information to village to village. We will always be grateful to all of you for the affection and encouragement received from all of you in the journey of these two years and hope that you will continue to receive your blessings in future also. In the journey from Bihar service to online Bihar portal, and the future for free computer and mobile based education to reach the zen. We will also continue to need your support, support and guidance. There are shortcomings everywhere and chances of human error also remain, so keep sending us your suggestions and thoughts. Thank you. prince giri

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